My role was to design online system that integrates thousands of LED screens throughout the whole country. This platform will organize and consolidate the previously dispersed market and enable planning and implementation of nationwide campaigns in real time, without the need to pre-book carriers. It's not only digital transformation of the company service - it's disruptive innovation for the market. The first that platform on the Polish outdoor advertising market.


The main pain point was when somebody wanted to create a campaign on LED screens and had to contact each owner of a specific LED screen and negotiate with them separately. On the other hand the owner of few LED screens had to sell time in packages without the option for customization for different buyers. So all of them had to relay on agencies, outsource management and their campaigns.

Our next-gen platform allow to build direct network between LED screens owners and companies that want to run campaigns on their screens. And it was only beginning for us...


During design thinking workshops we identified personas, their pain points and generated a lot of ideas for innovation. After workshops we cooperated on a map of the whole system and new features. It helped us to embrace the chaos of new ideas and to set strategy for further development. Then I started to design first wireframes for the key taskflow. The cooperation went very well so we decided to continue work and create the prototype of Minimal Viable Product. But first I proposed to design a system of UI components. When a product is going to be bigger and more complex the organization need to create the universal design language to provide consistent user experience and scale UI fast. It accelerated our process and we could focus on workflows and the system's logic.

What have been done:

  • Personas and storyboards
  • Design Thinking Workshops
  • Map of the system and features
  • Product strategy and development backlog
  • Wireframes for the key flows
  • Prototype of MVP
  • Design system with Axure components
  • More and more screens for additional feautures
  • UX Consultations for Visual Designers and Front-End Developers


Why we run Design Thinking Workshops and mapped the system features? Without that we only complicated the system and the cost of development would rise significantly. Fortunately, personas and storyboards uncovered the niche and holistic map allow to create simple information architecture. Then all team members were able to understand how it could work. Moreover, we created the system which allow you create custom and personalized campaigns. Imagine that now anybody in friendly and intuitive way can create a LED campaign that react on weather (eg. Do you need an umbrella?), time (eg. Late for work?) and real time events (eg. Great score!) either a specific person standing on front of the screen (eg. Hi Paweł!).


This system was a first that platform on Polish market. The company who identified this niche started as a small startup with a plan for the system to automate their employees workflows. Our collaboration was a great move to develop next-gen platform and earn founding round for the new system. What is more, they started to be noticeably as disruptive innovation and revolution on a market and in 2018 was acquired by a pioneering agency in outdoor advertisement.


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